Currently I am working primarily with Tim Searchinger and Scott Faber at Environmental Defense, implementing the new Center for Conservation Incentives

Projects under this initiative include:

  • Analyzing alternatives to current commodity programs under the 2002 Farm Bill using the USMP model in conjunction with Robert House
  • Assessment of USDA Conservation Programs with Sara Hopper, Environmental Defense and Craig Cox, Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Analyzing USDA's Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), including:
    • Funding allocation to States and within States
    • Ranking requirements in the rule and as implemented by States
    • Development of Model EQIP ranking templates (see Materials-EQIP)
    • Analysis of FY-2003 EQIP performance
  • Analyzing other USDA programs, including:
    • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
    • Grassland Reserve Program (GRP)
    • Implementation of the new Conservation Security Program (CSP)
  • Analysis and development of a nutrient management demonstration program in Lancaster County, PA (see Materials-Conestoga)
  • Analysis and development of nutrient management demonstration programs in other parts of the country

Other projects undertaken include:

ACE began business in June, 2003