Deputy Director for Staff Analysis, 1999 to 2003

Coordinated all staff analysis requests for the Resource Economics Division. Chaired a committee that designed the new ERS website, and served as RED Economics Editor and Supervisor for web content, including the 2002 Farm Bill side-by-side comparison. Served on a committee that designed the new ERS magazine, Amber Waves, and as RED Editor. Edited and coordinated Agriculture and Resource Economics Indicators, 2003 publication.


2000 Certificate of Merit
(For extra effort in writing an informative and well presented chapter providing an overview of conservation programs for the Conservation Policies section of the AREI. September 1, 1999 -  July 1, 2000)
2000 Certificate of Merit
(For unusual degrees of ingenuity in collecting, digesting, and synthesizing information from myriad sources to develop an outcome-oriented "story" of Division accomplishments, with very little lead time. December 1-31, 1999)
1999 Certificate of Merit
(For outstanding vision and leadership in developing a plan for redesigning the ERS Web site design and management process, April 9, 1999 through November 30, 1999)

Geographic Information System Coordinator, 1992-99

I coordinated RED and ERS Geographic Information Systems work, supervising a 3-person GIS staff funded through a cooperative agreement with Virginia Tech University. I coordinated provision of GIS services to researchers across ERS. Responsibilities included administration of the agreement, hiring, supervision and training of GIS programmers, system configuration and maintenance of the UNIX and PC-based computer systems, development and maintenance of GIS databases, and coordination and training for distributed GIS using ArcView software across Divisions.

As program area leader, I provided direction for a group of multi-faceted research programs staffed by 13 economists conducting investigations of the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of policies and programs directed toward improving the environmental performance of the agricultural sector. The goal for this major division of RED's program was to provide an empirical economic foundation to support policy development in major legislation affecting agriculture, including the 2002 Farm Bill, reauthorization of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Coastal Zone Management Act, and others.


1999 Certificate of Merit
(For substantial extra effort and substantial service over a period of months on a White House (OSTP-CENR) commissioned study coordinated through NOAA and involving researchers from Federal agencies, universities, and other research institutions, dealing with "Evaluation of Economic Costs and Benefits" of methods for reducing nutrient loads to the Gulf of Mexico)
1999 Cash Award
(For having managed with, exceptional sensitivity to public reception and great scientific integrity, the release of a subsequent process of responding to a deluge of inquiries regarding, new information about the adoption of biologically engineered seed by U.S. farmers.)
1998 Certificate of Merit
(For extraordinary contributions to the success of the 1998-99 Resource Economics Division Work Planning Process)
1998 Certificate of Merit
(For significant contributions as the first in-depth reviewers in the ERS economist positions classification system)
1998 Certificate of Merit
(For demonstrated initiative and outstanding performance in completing and analysis of CRP buffer strip incentives)
1998 Certificate of Merit
(Initative and excellence in leading the development of the Resource and Environmental Policy Branch Domestic Conservation Policy project)
1997 Cash Award
(Demonstrated initiative and outstanding performance in completing an analysis of CRP Buffer Strip incentives)
1997 Certificate of Merit
(For making significant contributions to USDA's implementation of the 1996 Farm Act conservation title)
1997 Cash Award
(For significant staff analysis of wetland issues)
1995 Excellence Award, Resource Policy Group
(Innovative resource policy research and analysis that has proved extremely valuable to internal and external USDA customers)
1995 Excellence Award, AREI Group
(Initiating, planning and producing the highly acclaimed Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators report; Wetlands Programs module)
1992 Superior Service
(Design of the Conservation Reserve Program bid acceptance process, with TimOsborn)

Economist, EPA 1991-92

Policy analyst responsible for areas of agricultural and wetland resources affecting environmental quality. Specific assignments included participation on work groups and interagency committees considering wetland regulatory reform policy, participation on work groups implementing the 1992 Wetland Reserve Program, analysis of the economic achievability of proposed management measures implementing the Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments for agricultural nonpoint sources, and analysis of potential future uses of Conservation Reserve Program lands after 10-year contracts expired. I also coordinated funding and oversight of a contracted study on wetland mitigation banking supported by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and offices within EPA, conducted by the Environmental Law Institute.

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Section Leader, 1990-91

Section leader responsible for planning, directing, and conducting research and short-term staff and policy analysis pertaining to land use and land economics. Specifically, the Section monitored land use changes and assessed the adequacy of land resources for food and fiber production, evaluated the economic impacts of urbanization and other long-term losses of agricultural land, and assessed the economic impacts on agriculture and natural resources of energy, environmental, and conservation policies and programs. Studies included estimating agricultural opportunity costs of land retired in agricultural wetland reserves and other long-term land idling programs of the 1990 farm legislation, assessing the production impacts of increased crop rotations to achieve sustainble agricultural production, assessing the economic importance of various farm types in metropolitan areas, and completing analyses of land use change in fast growth counties. I also supervised situation and outlook reporting of cropland use and supply and investment in farm machinery.


1991 Superior Service
(Research and communication on the role of agriculture and agricultural policy in  wetland preservation)
1991Certificate of Merit
(Extraordinary and exemplary performance in the program of the Resources and Technology Division)
1991Cash Award
(Outstanding staff support in developing implementation procedures in the 1990 Conservation Reserve Program)
1990 Cash Award
(Acting Land Branch Chief)
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Agricultural Economist, 1983-90

Project leader responsible for organizing, coordinating, and carrying out a research program to analyze factors affecting the supply of crop and other agricultural land, including nonagricultural competition for land. Activities included a major data collection and research program on the dynamics of land use change in fast growth counties, descriptive analysis of agriculture's adaptation to metropolitan growth pressures, research into management of grazing lands, particularly riparian areas, for livestock and wildlife use, and analyses of the potential effectiveness of wetland protection provisions of the 1985 farm legislation. Responsible for planning and implementing conferences on multiple uses of grazing lands, and land use issues in urbanizing areas.


1989 Excellence in Situation and Outlook, Group
(Outstanding performance in reporting the situation and outlook for U.S. cropland, water and conservation)
1987 Special Achievement , Conservation Program Evaluation Group
(Outstanding economic analysis of USDA erosion control programs)
1987 Communication
(Communicating farm policy analysis [regarding agricultural wetland provisions] to nontraditional audiences, with Linda Langner)
1986 Outstanding Research
(Developing an improved methodology for assessing soil erosion hazards that has conceptually affected the content of soil and water conservation studies and directly contributed to improved land use decisions)
1985 Special Achievement, Consistency Study Group
(Outstanding staff group effort to examine the consistency between Federal commodity programs and programs to control soil erosion)
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Economist/Resource Planner, 1977-83

Conducted studies of water and related land resources in support of cooperative river basin studies. Constructed large linear programming models of integrated agricultural and ecological/hydrological systems at both farm and regional levels. Utilized these models to analyze the effect of water quality restrictions on farm and regional income. Developed and used mathematical models of soil erosion, phosphorus runoff and nitrogen leaching from agricultural lands. Prepared analyses for publication. Assisted in planning and managing studies. Studies included the Chowan-Pasquotank system in NC-VA, southeastern PA, NJ statewide animal waste study, 18 watersheds on the VT side of Lake Champlain, and studies in the Normanskill, Tioughnioga, and other basins in NY.

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Research Assistant, 1974-76

Statistical and field research, analysis and preliminary report writing. Coordinated research efforts with public agency staff members and management of private firms; assisted in presentation of findings at public meetings and citizen committees. Clients included urban renewal agencies, other municipal departments, state agencies and federal agencies. Specific assignments included urban renewal studies; a tourism development study; development study of a proposed ship yard complex; valuation study of Penn Central rail assets nationwide; economic impact and reuse studies of abandoned military facilities.

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Supply Officer, 1970-73

Independent duty Supply Officer, USS Warrington (DD-843) and Assistant Supply Officer for Stores, USS Milwaukee (AOR-2). Responsible for requisition and procurement of spare parts and consumable items necessary for operation of vessel and to support dependent combatant units. Also responsible for commissary, ship's service, and disbursing operations. Postition required supply management, inventory control, expediting, procurement, fiscal management and material handling. Carried out department head responsibilities for 3-5 petty officers and 30-40 enlisted personnel and regular military watches.

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